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3 reasons why you should become an Instagram Influencer?

Dec 26, 20224 min readRahul Sathyakumar

Who hasn't dreamt of quitting their 9-5 jobs and living a life full of wealth, fame and success. With apps like Instagram, this dream can be made into a reality much more quickly than we think. Of course, fame requires hard work, risks, and luck, and however, fame is at your arm's reach with apps like Instagram.


Why should you become an influencer?

Did you know that the Influencer Marketing industry will be worth $15 billion by 2022? What better time than now to be an Instagram Influencer? With social media becoming more popular and influencer marketing gaining traction as a viable marketing tool, building a career as an Instagram influencer may not be such a terrible idea. Aspiring creators may still tap into a goldmine market with the appropriate tools and strategies.

Most people are reluctant to use this excellent opportunity to showcase their talents and engage audiences. They believe that 'fame' is not cut out for them, and only highly talented people can take advantage of the influencer platform. It is true to some degree; if you take up a list of the most popular social media influencers, you will probably see a lot of movie stars and pop culture icons. But the most followed influencers on social media include The Kardashians, The D'Amelio sisters etc., who earned their fame through social media apps alone.

Since you got a vague idea about life as an influencer, let us take a closer look at why one should consider a career as an Instagram influencer:

You can talk about your interests:

Think about sitting in a chair surrounded by hundreds of eager people to hear you talk about your interests. Isn't that too good to be true? Well, that's the life of an influencer for you. Instagram is full of people with diverse interests, looking for influencers who

have similar interests. A significant advantage of social media is connecting people worldwide based on common interests.

Whether you are an avid reader, gamer, cinephile, cook or an aspiring fashion designer and enthusiast, all it takes is a smartphone and a cheerful demeanor to shoot a video of you talking about what you like. Also the here are a lot of tools which help you on your influencer journey easier. Just make sure that you offer your followers something useful, entertaining or thought-provoking so that they may share it with their friends and hence increase your followers.

Being a celebrity is not a pre-requisite:

You may not have to be a celebrity to become an Instagram influencer, but you can become a celebrity if you become a successful influencer. While it is true that becoming a celebrity makes things a lot easier, Instagram values consistency and quality of content over other factors. It's also important to understand when to post on Instagram, and the right time to post depends on your geographical location. Youngsters are frequently online now more than ever; all you need is to engage audiences with entertaining content, and your path to being a successful influencer is clear.

Earn more money than you can think of from a 9-5 job


Working constantly, day and night, at a job that you don't like is nothing short of a prison. So, why not be an influencer where you can earn a lot just doing what you love? Brands are happy to huge money to influencers to promote their products. India has a large talent pool but a scarcity of opportunities.

Most successful people build a following and establish themselves as authentic influencers. These influencers get fame and fortune by keeping their fans engaged while endorsing brands. Many influencers earn several thousand each month just by doing what they enjoy.

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