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How to add music to your Instagram story

Feb 2, 20224 min readParvathy Nair

Instagram stories were introduced back in 2016 .So what exactly are are Instagram stories and how do add music to your Instagram .Instagram stories are pictures or videos that last 15 seconds and disappear after 24 hours .Instagram stories are shown on the top of the Instagram page along with stories of people you follow.

Now getting into the problem at hand how do you add music your Instagram stories .Just follow these simple steps

How to add music your Instagram stories

Step 1 : Open Instagram

Grab your device and then proceed to search for Instagram app and tap to open it.

Step 2 : Story

Tap on the clipboard on the top right corner ,a pop up box appears select story from it

Step 1 to add music to your Instagram story

Step 3 : Camera

Now that you camera is open you can either take a picture, film a video or select what you want to post from your gallery

Step 4: Music

Select the sticker option present on the top right corner ,then select the music option from the pop up box

Step 2 to add music to Insta story

Step 5 : Select Song

Next is to select the music what you want, either you can browse through the options or select from the list curated “for you”, this is the most trending music and the music you interact with or another option is themes

Step 6 : Display style

Select the song and then proceed to the story, Instagram gives you options on how you want your song to displayed, for example do you want the lyrics to be displaced, or just the song and the album cover etc.

Step 3 to add music to your Instagram story

Step 7: Done

Once you have decided just tap on the done option

Step 8: Positioning

You can position the music on your story as you like it by dragging and then proceed to position it were you like it

Step 9: Post

Once all the steps are done you can then proceed to post it in you close friends story or story. You can also add multiple pictures to Instagram stories

Steps to add music to your Instagram story

There are lot of features available on Instagram stories to make it more engaging for example there are options like

Add yours : Instagram Stories now has an Add Yours sticker, which allows producers to turn their Instagram stories into threads where other viewers may respond with their own content that corresponds to a specific topic.

Questions : 'Ask me any question' Instagram questions are a way for all of your followers to create a conversation by asking them fascinating and engaging questions.

Emoji Slider: When you want to know how your friends feel about something, use the emoji slider to ask more about the topic

Poll : You may use the polls tool on Instagram Stories to interact with your followers by posing questions and get responses. Polls are an excellent approach to get information from your audience or to show a product or feature without appearing too salesy

Quiz : The interactive Instagram Stories quiz sticker allows you to share MCQ in the style of trivia with your followers.


Instagram stories can be a great tool in promoting your content and help you with engaging your followers and for more ideas on Instagram and Instagram stories follow us on Instagram and install our app Reelit to keep exploring and downloading reels.