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Comments for Instagram

Funny Comments for Instagram

Feb 5, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

Life's too short to be serious all the time; Humour jokes and laughs are limited, so make sure you take a pause, see the little that matters and make someone laugh while you are at it.

Whether it be wordplay or jokes, the comment sections are great if you need a bit of chuckle. So here's our list of funny comments you can use the next time Let's get into it

Funny comments

  1. Humble but with a hint of Kanye
  2. I'm not a snack but a whole damn meal
  3. You didn't take her breath away bruh, she has asthma
  4. If Pete Davidson can score Kim K, you have hope
  5. Your flop era kinda looks okay
  6. Girl, your standards are so low I think satan tripped over it
  7. You are a solid 9; I am the 1 you are missing
  8. Dosti ki jhalak sabse alag
  9. Vodka ka shot hum sabse hot
  10. My lap is acting crazy dell to Pagal hai

Funny comments for boys

  1. Too much handsome
  2. Hide your girlfriends, everyone
  3. Looking irresistible
  4. Teach me your ways
  5. Looking 100/10
  6. Greebo ka Ranbir Kapoor
  7. Fully filmy banda
  8. Overacting ka 50Rs cut
  9. Koi Nazar utharo Bhai
  10. Bhai Mera number 1

Funny comments for girls

  1. Someone call NASA I found a new star
  2. This girl is my new woman crush
  3. Bitch,
    when did you start modelling
  4. Call the fire department cause this girl is on fire
  5. I think I want to be you when I grow
  6. Uff Teri Ada
  7. Maar Dala
  8. Caviar and not catfish
  9. Iconic doesn't even cover it
  10. Boss ass biatch

Funny comments for selfies

  1. Post your selfie, and go don't drag Gandhi into it
  2. I woke up like this, no you didn't
  3. It is all about the angles
  4. Uglier the selfies stronger the friendship
  5. I like your confidence, selfie with no filters, damn
  6. Seriously enough, with the selfies
  7. Out of the 100's of selfies you took, this is the one that made it?
  8. It's like they say more selfies means greater the narcissism
  9. But first, let's not take a selfie
  10. The selfies phase needs to end

Funny comments for friends

  1. So freaking dumb, this is why we are friends
  2. You are kinda crazy, but that's what I like about you
  3. I have no shame ill triple text you
  4. Friendships end but not ours tho, you are stuck with me
  5. Ride or die; you don't have a say in it
  6. Judgmental bitches
  7. Bro, I love you, but you are so weird
  8. We should totally do stand up
  9. Nobody does it worse than us
  10. Let's be honest for a sec we are kinda dumb sometimes