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Trending hashtags for Instagram reels

Aug 30, 20224 min readParvathy Nair

What are hashtags? "a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#) that is used to identify digital content on a given topic on social networking websites and applications, particularly Twitter."

If you are starting out on Instagram and want to know how to increase your audience and widen your reach on Instagram, reels hashtags are the way to go. Not only do they increase the visibility of your page, but they also allow you to be part of the Instagram community you are targeting. Using hashtags also will enable you to engage with your followers on reels allowing you have conversations with your target group.

So what are the most trending hashtags for Instagram reels that can help your target audience?

Top 10 trending hashtags for Instagram reels

1. #reelitfeelit-51M

2. #reelkarofeelkaro-27.2M

3. #instagramreels- 17.7M

4. #reels-170M

5. #reelsinstagram-95.3M

6. #reelsvideo-24.3M

7. #fyp-54.7M

8. #explore-290M

9. #reelsindia-21.1M

10. #video-102M

You can add up to 30 hashtags on a single post; that doesn't necessarily mean the more hashtags you add, the more reach you will get. It is really important to choose the niche hashtags that help you grow your page. Using Hashtags is a guaranteed way to increase engagement

Some of the other hashtags popular on Instagram are

  1. #love- 2.1B

  2. #instagood-1.4B

  3. #photooftheday-966M

  4. #fashion-1B

  5. #beautiful-775M

  6. #happy-658M

  7. #cute-648M

  8. #tbt-10.8M

  9. #likesforlikes-330M

  10. #followme-585M

When talking about adding hashtags, there's no foolproof way to ensure success. It's all about testing the waters and then proceeding to see what works and what doesn't.

Another important point while using trending hashtags is that, like you, there are millions of people using the same hashtag, so it's easy for your content to get buried under piles of the content present on Instagram.

Now you know the importance of hashtags for Instagram reels, we are going to give you a list of our favorite free hashtag generators tools as a bonus because we know how hard it can be in the world of Instagram reels, so here they are



1) Hashtag Generator by H-Supertools (

H-Supertools is a lightning-quick hashtag generator. Instagram hashtags help you categorize your posts. They also assist you in reaching the right audience. This hashtag generator is free to use.

It makes it a lot easier for your followers to find you on Instagram. Increases the number of times your fans interact with you, and it makes sure only relevant hashtags are generated.

2) Instavast (

It's also a free Instagram hashtag generator that allows you to automatically generate relevant hashtags. It gives you an option to do it based on the post, pictures, or keywords.

They also have services like services

  • Instagram Automation
  • Auto Direct Messages
  • Post Scheduler
  • Comment Tracker
  • Buy Likes and Video Views

3) All hashtag (

Based on a term, the hashtag generator creates relevant hashtags. To discover the hashtags you need, you have three filter options.

  • Top hashtags
  • Random hashtags
  • Live hashtags With the copying button, you can quickly copy the hashtags that have been generated.

4) Bigbangram (

The Instagram tag generator is a system that generates relevant hashtags based on a keyword (or even an image/post link). On Instagram, a hashtag is an essential navigation tool. It allows you to find a suitable job from a large number of options.

5) Keyword Tool (

Keyword Tool generates hashtags by taking the keyword you provide and pulling a vast number of recommendations with a post count for each hashtag.


Hashtags can help to elevate your Instagram reels provided that you have a proper strategy in place, make sure you do your research, pick out relevant hashtags for your niche, create original hashtags if your content can gain from it, follow hashtags to get a further understanding of the content posted with it this, help with the metrics section.

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