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How to change chat theme in Instagram

Feb 2, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

HWhen we were all excited when Instagram gave us dark mode, well, Instagram just stepped up its chat theme game.

Instagram is always looking for ways for improving its user experience, and its new chat feature is doing just that. It allows its user to either change or update their Instagram chat theme. It will enable you to choose from various colors. It also gives you seasonal themes such as Halloween, Christmas etc. If you are interested in customizing your Instagram we have lots of blogs you can check out.

How to change your chat theme on Instagram.

Step 1. Open Instagram

Open Instagram and tap the paper plane or the message icon in the top-right corner of the Instagram home screen.

Step 2. Chat Theme

Go to the chat you want to change the theme of

How to change chat theme in Instagram

Step 3 . Chat settings

Tap the Details option to open the Chat settings menu.

Step 4 . Theme options

In the Chat Settings section, select the Theme option.

How to change chat theme in Instagram

Step 5 . Select

Choose a preferred article in the Themes section. Instagram also allows the users to choose a color in the Colors section.

How to change chat theme in Instagram

Another thing

to remember is Instagram notifies your chat correspondent every time you change your chat theme.

Why are you not able to change your chat theme?

It's probably because you haven't updated your messaging; what you can do is navigate to your 'Profile section', then to 'Settings.' The hamburger menu is located in the top-right corner of the Instagram home screen. Select 'Update Messaging' from the 'Settings menu. Once that is done, just follow the steps above. In the case of Android, to retrieve chat themes on Android phones, try deleting the cache and data for the Instagram app. Clearing the cache or data on your phone will not destroy your Instagram images or any other sensitive info.

What is an Instagram direct?

If you want to connect more discreetly with friends or someone you discovered (or who discovered you) on Instagram, you can utilize Instagram Direct.

Instagram Direct allows you to be more specific and personalized with individual people or groups, so you don't end up flooding everyone else's feed with unnecessary photographs and videos.


The Instagram chat themes, once updated, cannot be reverted to classic themes, but it does spice things up. For more blog posts like these visit our website and install our app Reelit to keep exploring trends and downloading your favorite Instagram reels