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How to delete Instagram messages ?

Feb 2, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

Instagram is a great social media platform, and it allows you to share pictures, videos, Instagram reels, and more. In the messages area, you can direct message people, make group chats with your friends, change chat themes and much more.

Sometimes, it's completely normal to make mistakes when talking with someone, and it's only human. Sometimes you want nothing to do with the conversation again, so you want to delete discussions or take back that one stupid message you send. Well, we are here to help with exactly that. In this piece, we will teach you how to delete Instagram messages.

So let's get into it

How to delete Instagram messages

Step 1: Open Instagram

Go to the phone and search for the Instagram app, and tap on it to open it.

Step 2: Log in

Login using your Instagram credentials if you have logged out, or else you can skip this step.

Step 3: Message Icon

On the Instagram home page, tap the messages icon in the top right of the feed.

how to delete instagram messages

Step 4: Select

Go to the messages page, finds the conversation, and go to the message you want to unsend.

Step 5:

Now, tap and long hold on the message and select Unsend > Unsend message.


When you unsend an Instagram message, it permanently removes the message from all the parties involved; you can't recover the message.

How to delete Instagram conversations

Step 1: Open Instagram

Open Instagram on your device.

Step 2: Log in

Login using your Instagram credentials, your email id or phone number, and in case you haven't logged out, you can move to the next step

Step 3: Messages icon

On the Instagram home page, tap the messages icon in the top right of the feed.

Step 4:Find

On the messages page, find the conversation

steps to delete Insta messages

Step 5: Delete

Now, long hold the conversation that you want to delete

Step 6: Confirmation

Tap on delete, and then a popup appears, then confirm the delete option to delete the conversation permanently.


Remember, when you delete a conversation, Instagram deletes it for you and not the other parties involved, unlike unending an Instagram message.

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