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How to do an Instagram live ?

Feb 2, 202214 min readParvathy Nair

Before we get into let me tell you what Instagram live is, Instagram live, which was introduced back in 2016, is a real-time video broadcast feature that allows you to interact with your followers in real-time, making connecting to people that much easier.

Another thing you have to remember about Instagram live is that since it is in real-time, there are no retakes and no replays. It starts and ends when the creator's wishes. When Instagram live first launched the feature, there was no option to save the life done, but then, later on, the save Instagram live introduced the save option, making it more convenient. When the creator starts an Instagram live, Instagram also sends a notification to the creator's followers. Since life disappears once it ended it creates a sense of urgency to the followers.

So in this piece, we will tell you how to start an Instagram live and how to do better Instagram lives that can help your Instagram business, so let us get into it.

How to start an Instagram live

Step 1: Open Instagram

Grab your device and then proceed to search for Instagram and tap on it to open it.

Step 2: Live

Please tap on the clipboard on the top right corner; a pop-up box appears select live from it.

Step 3: Going live

Now click on the live button in the middle, you can see the number of people on the live on the top of your screen.

steps to do an Instagram live

Step 4: Comments and Pins

As live goes on, people comment on it, and if you want to highlight a specific comment, tap on the comment and pin the comment so that it is more visible.

steps to do an Instagram live

Step 5: Ending a live

When the creator wants to end the Instagram live, they can tap on the send option and confirm it, and to download the life, tap the download option, and it is saved into your camera roll. There is also an option to post it directly to your IGTV or delete it.

steps to do an Instagram live

Instagram live also allows you to options such as filters, Adding a guest in which case you add the guest and both the creators will be on the live split-screen, you also have the option to turn off comments or leave a comment on the life, you also have the option to share a video or picture from your gallery to your followers.

Now let's talk about how to make better Instagram lives can be helpful to you. There's data backing up that over 80% of Instagram users prefer seeing Instagram live to Instagram posts which make sense because Instagram lives help humanize the creator rather than seeing fake perfect posts. So let us get into it.

  1. Get the word out about the live: It's pretty evident that you want more people joining in your Instagram live, so it's better to let your followers know about the timings and topics you will talk about.

2 . Set SMART( specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based)goals that you want Instagram live to achieve, be it if you want more people joining in, more followers or is it a time-based goal you want to hit. Going into an Instagram live without proper planning is a recipe for disaster.

3 . Stay on Brand: Be authentic live talk about things that matter to you and your business; doing lives to stir up drama never ends well.

4 . Engaging with your followers: This is a crucial aspect of Instagram lives since everything is happening in real-time followers have a real chance to get noticed by their favorite creators, and creators have an opportunity to interact and acknowledge their most loyal followers and promote their content at the same time making it a win-win situation for both parties.

5 . Doing a Q&A session :can be a great way to again increase engagement with your followers; answering their questions in real-time makes them feel more part of the creator's journey, again helping to humanize your brand.

  1. CTA: At the end of the day they live must be beneficial to the creator, so you must mention the actions you need your followers to do through the entirety of the video; it can be promo codes or discounts of the sponsored deals or brands partnered up with the creator to promote the business

  1. Fun Aspect: Have fun while you are at it, be authentic; there's already a lot of fake all too perfect people on Instagram. To stand out, you have to be your most authentic self and have fun, making you that much more relatable to your followers.

Since we have talked about Instagram lives a lot today, it's only fair that I give you a few ideas to start.

Idea 1: Events

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Live streaming from events can be a great strategy; it allows creators to promote and showcase the event to their followers. If you could excite the event before the actual event in your Instagram stories, it would help you reach a wider audience. The more happening the event, the more they wouldn't want to miss out on being a part of it.

Idea 2: Collabs

What better than an Instagram life of your favorite creator ? 2 of your favorite creators, collabs with creators from your same market can be a great way to network and as well as you create a sense of community in your followers.

Idea 3: Tutorials

If you are a creator in the beauty or fashion industry, these lives can be a great way to show or teach your followers your way of doing things. In the case of other sectors, the creators can teach their followers hacks and provide them with advice.


As time passes, it is becoming more and more clear that Instagram and features like Instagram live are becoming sought after marketing tools. Having a proper social media strategy can help make your Instagram presence stronger and better your business.

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