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How to mute someone on Instagram ?

Feb 9, 20222 min readParvathy Nair

We all have that one person who we met through a friend of a friend and weirdly ended up following on Instagram. Coincidently enough, this person is constantly posting stories and posts like I get it you have a very happening life, and sometimes it's just too much, and then you think, okay, that's enough! I'll unfollow them; then your brain is like wouldn't that be a bit too much even if you hadn't met this dude since 2016. That's where the mute comes in and saves the day.

What is the mute option on Instagram?

Muting someone on Instagram is the equivalent of stepping away from a conversation in real life. You politely quit the conversation without causing a scene or strained relations. If you mute your feed, you won't see the stories, photographs, or videos that others have shared. Muting someone does not notify them either, and if you want, you can always go ahead and unmute them at your convenience.

How to mute someone on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram

Go on to your device, search for the

Instagram app, and open it

![how to mute someone on instagram](/uploads/1_7a78a893d5.jpg)

Step 2: Profile

Search for the profile you want to mute; you can do this by searching the username or go to your following list and find them from there.

Step 3: Following

Under their profile picture, tap on the "following "option and select the mute option.

steps to mute someone on insta

Step 4: Mute

Now another dialogue box appears with a toggle slider from which you can choose whether you want to mute their stories, posts or both.

And if you want to unmute the individual, just follow the same steps and then change the toggle slide so that the individual's Instagram will be unmuted. Its that's simple.

how to mute someone

Whether it be an unwanted friend, an ex you don't want to see or simply just blocking out content that gives immense FOMO, the mute option from Instagram is pretty cool. And if you wish to check out blogs on different Instagram features such as vanish mode or how to customize your Instagram, we got lots of resources to help you out.