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How to pin a comment on Instagram

Feb 10, 20222 min readKashish Tuteja

Comment threads are the internet's Mos Eisley's. Social media comment sections are among the worst, especially on postings from popular accounts. Instagram now allows you to put up to three comments at the top of your photos to help create a more positive vibe—pick some good ones, we urge you, we have a list of funny comments to get your creative juices running if you want to check them out.

Your own remarks, as well as those of other followers and commenters, can be pinned. When a comment is pinned, it stays at the top of the comments thread, regardless of when it was made. Users will see it as the featured remark when scrolling through their feed, and it will be the first comment they see when they enter the topic.

While Instagram promotes pinned comments as a means to curate the conversation, they can also be used to provide follow-up information to a post. You could, for example, position and pin an update to announce the winner of a contest (provided you do that sort of thing on Instagram).

How to pin a comment

Step 1: Open Instagram

This step is elementary; you just have to open the Instagram app and go to your profile page that is at the bottom right of your screen and click on your profile.

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Step 2: Select post

After opening the Instagram post, you'd want to go to the post.

How to pin a comment on Instagram

Step 3: Pin the comment

Scroll through the comments until you discover one you'd like to put on the front page. Tap the thumbtack icon after swiping left on the comment. Instagram will give you a quick rundown of how pinned comments function before asking if you want to pin them. "Pin Comment" will appear, and the remark has been moved to the front of the topic. You can do this up to three times for each pinned comment.

How to pin a comment on Instagram

Simply swipe again, hit the thumbtack icon, and remove the comment you wish to unpin. However, this does not remove or conceal the statement from the rest of the thread.