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How to post on Instagram ?

Aug 20, 20226 min readParvathy Nair

Instagram has become a staple in our social media diet; if you are anything like me, you will likely check your Instagram the first thing when you wake up. According to research, an average spends 145 minutes on social media, and an average Instagram user spends 30-50 minutes. It's the same to say Instagram is a huge part of our daily lives.

The Instagram market continues to grow bigger day by day. Investing in it and creating a proper Instagram strategy could help the business's success, especially in the age of change and social media.

So before diving into the marketing and social media strategies in Instagram, it's important to have a proper basic understanding of how Instagram works. In this piece, we will give you a walk-through of how you can post a picture on Instagram. So let's get into it.

How to post on Instagram

Step 1: Selecting

Tap on the "+" on the top right corner of your Instagram home screen, then a pop box appears to choose the option post from it.

Step 2: Posting

Now its time to choose the photo you want; you can either

  • Open the camera and then proceed to take the picture you wish to post or

  • Instagram allows you to post pictures already present in your gallery

Once you have selected the picture, crop it to your liking, and then tap on the arrow on the top.

steps to post on Instagram

Step 3: Select Multiple

Instagram also allows you to add multiple pictures into a single post; all you have to do is tap on the "select multiple "and proceed to the pictures. You can post up to 10 photos in a single post.

Step 4: Edit

The next step is to edit the picture. Instagram offers 25 filters to edit pictures; you can scroll through the filters and select which looks best on the image. When you apply a filter, the filter's intensity is at 100% to adjust glide it.

steps to post on Instagram

Step 5: Tools

You can further edit the picture with Instagram's editing options, such as you can adjust the intensity of the editing tool by dragging the scales on it.

Adjust - This helps to center your picture and adjust it accordingly.

Brightness - This tools aids in brightening or darkening the image.

Contrast - This helps to control the intensity of the image's colors

Structure – It helps the picture look more HD and detailed.

Warmth - This enables you to adjust the temperature of the photo. Colder to the left and warmer to the right

Saturation - This allows you to adjust the saturation of the colors in your image.

Color - This gives you many color options to onto your picture; this can help maintain your Instagram aesthetic.

Fade - This softens the unselected parts and blurs the details that are not selected

Highlights - To control the intensity

of the highlights that are on the picture.

Shadows - This helps you control the power of the shadows in your image

Vignette – This makes the corners of the picture dark and makes a circle shape in the middle.

Tilt Shift - This helps blur the edges of the image; you can do it horizontally or vertically

Sharpen - This helps sharpen specific image details, bringing a more dramatic look to subtler elements in the photo.

steps to post on Instagram

Step 6: Captions & hashtags

Add captions and hashtags

Be creative with the captions; make them literary or funny, which seems perfect with the picture. Adding hashtags is a great way to get your content to the right people; when using hashtags, make sure you use hashtags relevant to your content.

Step 7: Tags and location

Tagging friends and adding location to the post; Instagram allows you to tag people and add the picture's location.

steps to post on Instagram

Step 8: Other Platforms

Instagram allows you to share your post on other connected social media platforms such as meta, Twitter, etc. And if you are interested in downloading Instagram pictures we have just the thing for you.

When is the right time to post on Instagram?

So it's pretty apparent there are time frames where engagement peaks throughout the day. So while posting, if you target these peak timings, there are chances of your content reaching a wider audience.

On weekdays, the best timings are from 11 am to 2 pm, and if you want to go into detail, Tuesdays are the best days to post content, and if you target a timeframe between 11 am-2 pm, you will have a broader market. And the worst day to post is Sunday.

When you think about it t comes down to basic consumer behaviors, people tend to check their Instagram's before they log on to work, during their lunch breaks, and when they get off work and the weekends are mostly to laze around, making them the worst days to post

Scheduling your content can help in targeting peak engagement periods and all help in posting content consistently.


Therefore, it is high time that one starts learning about the pros and cons of the platform and uses it as leverage to succeed in the industry. That being said, social media marketing is a relatively new term, and simply implementing it for its sake does not ensure success. A properly thought out plan and execution and evaluation are necessary, just like any other business practice.

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