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How to see liked posts on Instagram

Feb 10, 20222 min readKashish Tuteja

The majority of popular social media platforms make it simple for users to see the posts they've liked. Instagram is not one of them. When you tap the heart button on an Instagram photo or video post, it appears to be lost forever—unless you copy the post URL and send it to yourself ( that's where our Instagram post downloader can help). Your previously liked posts, on the other hand, aren't lost, and you may discover them in a hidden location within the mobile app.

How to see your liked posts on Instagram

Step 1 : Open Instagram

This step is elementary; you just have to open the Instagram app and go to your profile page that is at the bottom right of your screen and click on your profile.

Step 2: Go to the MENU

After going to your profile page, you have to then tap the three lines that is the Menu icon on the top right corner . after that you have to select the settings.

How to see liked posts on Instagram

Step 3: Go to

After tapping account, you’ll be able to see the option “Posts you’ve liked”, where you will be able to access the same.

How to see liked posts on Instagram

You will only be able to view the 300 most recent posts (photos and videos) that you've liked, according to Instagram's Help page. That is still a lot, but if you're an Instagram super user who likes hundreds of photos every day or need to find something you liked a few weeks ago, you might be out of luck.

Finally, if you leave a comment on a photo or video but don't like it, you won't be able to find it if you lose it. You can only see posts you've liked by hitting the heart button (or double-tapping the post) in the "Posts You've Liked" area of your profile settings, not only posts you've commented on. So, even if your main aim is to leave a remark, make sure you hit that heart button if you want to be able to return to a post later. For more post like these visit our website.