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How to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram ?

Feb 2, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

Facebook, now Meta, bought Instagram back in 2012. And to make cross-posting and cross messaging, Instagram has provided an option to link your Instagram and Facebook account; However, at first, it may have sounded more convenient. It can be not very pleasant to get notified multiple times because of the interlinking.

So in this piece, we will teach you to unlink your Instagram just in a few simple steps, and to make it a little easier for you, we have also included infographics.

So let's get into it.

How to unlink your Instagram account on your phone

Step 1: Open Instagram

Open your phone and then search for Instagram; tap on the Instagram logo to open it.

Step 2: Profile Icon

Now you will go to your profile icon, the icon with your profile picture present, and then tap on the hamburger option, the one with the three horizontal lines.

How to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram

Step 3: Settings

You will view a list of options; tap on the setting option from the alternatives.

Step 4: Accounts center

As you scroll down below, you will see the Account center by meta option in blue and then tap on it

to select it.

How to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram

Step 5: Accounts and Profiles

Now that you are on the accounts center page tap on the "accounts and profiles" section at the starting of the options list.

Step 6: Account Selection

From the options given, you will see your list of accounts and then tap on your account.

guide to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram

Step 7: Confirmation

Tap on the "remove from account center "option. After this step, the confirmation page appears for the unlinking; tap on the continue option and remove the said Facebook account.

How to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram


We understand that Facebook now meta is the parent company of Instagram and wants to integrate the two apps into itself. Sometimes, from the users perspective, the separation of the 2 is the most effective. So if your style of content is more catered to Instagram than Facebook, maybe sticking to just Instagram isn't a terrible idea.

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