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Bios for Instagram

The Best Love bios for Instagram

Feb 2, 20223 min readParvathy Nair

Being in love can be a beautiful feeling; it can make me feel like you are top of the world. And words can be an excellent way to express your feelings. In this post, we are here to give you a round-up of all over favorite love bios that leaves us feeling all warm and cozy.

So let us get into it

Love bios for Instagram

  1. All of a sudden, all the love songs were about you

  2. Thank you for being the reason I smile

  3. Love is in the air

  4. Love is a risk its worth it

  5. Thinking of you

  6. Love me like the simple things

  7. In the end, it is all about timing

  8. Love is just dumb luck

  9. We found love in a hopeless place

  10. You are still my 11:11 wish

Love bios for girls

  1. You are enough

  2. Self-love is the best kind of love

  3. I am mine before I am anyone else's

  4. Dear me, today you will shine

  5. Unconditional love is self-love

  6. Loving yourself isn't vanity, its sanity

  7. To fall in love with yourself is the first step to happiness

  8. 7 billion smiles, and I still fall for yours

  9. You are my favorite distraction

  10. You make my heart go "!"

Love bios for boys

  1. You are it. You are my person

  2. You are my heaven

    on earth

  3. Little does she know

  4. What is meant to be yours will find a way back

  5. It was always you

  6. His love roared louder than her demons

  7. What is done in love is done well

  8. Only you can give me that feeling

  9. You look like the rest of my life

  10. I told the stars about you

Short love bios

  1. I adore you

  2. This love of ours

  3. What a plot twist you were

  4. Happier than ever

  5. Where the love tho

  6. Tired but never of you

  7. Like I want you

  8. X0X0

  9. Isn't it lovely

  10. Serendipity

Funny love bios

  1. I'm yours no refunds

  2. Love is like a fart; if you have to force it, it's probably shit

  3. Love is being stupid together

  4. I think my soul mate might be carbs

  5. You are stuck with me; deal with it

  6. Love is friendship set on fire

  7. You look like you need vitamin me

  8. If you were a triangle, you would be an acute one

  9. Let's cuddle so that I can steal your body heat

  10. I love you in a way that's appalling to others

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