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Best Instagram comments for Boys

Feb 5, 20222 min readParvathy Nair

We all need supportive friends, and in this day and age, the Instagram comment box kind of is the showroom for support, if you know what I mean. Your boy posts a Kickass picture, and you don't comment on it, like are you even friends if you don't comment on something funny or relaxed under the post.

We got the perfect solution; we have made a list of possible comments so that you can support your homeboy the next time he decides to post something, and if you are looking for any captions we got those too so let's get into it

Comments for boys for Instagram

  1. My boy on fire
  2. Bros before hoes
  3. Boss
  4. Energetic Gentleman
  5. Cool dude in the house
  6. The one and only
  7. Million-dollar smile
  8. Too good to be true
  9. Personality matters
  10. Selfie king

Cute comments for boys

  1. Cute tho hai
  2. Boss
  3. Felt cute might not delete
  4. Badass Cutlass
  5. Charmer for life
  6. Got that million-dollar smile
  7. You look like coming home
  8. Mr adorable
  9. Meri Jaan
  10. Weird flex but okay

Attitude comments for boys

  1. A star is born
  2. Character is important
  3. Good things take time
  4. Make a statement, not a scene
  5. You are either born with class, or you are not
  6. Too much of anything is not good
  7. Best of the best
  8. Long time no see
  9. Not everyone's cup of tea
  10. Strong, confident, and powerful

Funny comments for guys

  1. If you are bad, then I am your dad
  2. Vodka ka shot bhai mera hot
  3. Hawtieeee
  4. Killer pic
  5. Girls will die for you
  6. This dude only dates models
  7. Irresistible gentleman
  8. Romance God
  9. Gym God
  10. Bro, you should start modelling

Comments for best friends

  1. Bros for life
  2. Looking good
  3. Movie star looks
  4. Too hot to handle
  5. Bhai Bhai
  6. A true gentleman
  7. Amazeballs
  8. Charming SOB
  9. Winners never quit
  10. No one left behind