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5 Instagram hacks for that perfect Instagram reel

Aug 26, 202212 min readParvathy Nair

Instagram reels are easily hands down one of Instagram's best features. And to me, the rabbit hole paradox of Instagram can never be explained, like 1 min; you are seeing the new reels on squid games right the next thing you know 2 hours of your life is gone, poof!

Instagram reels have been gaining much attention lately, primarily because of the TikTok ban, but that's a topic for another day. What's important is how Instagram has managed to maintain that momentum. Instagram reels promote creators to original content that is engaging and relevant.

So today, we are going to talk about hacks that can help to make the Perfect Instagram Reel

Instagram hacks for that perfect Instagram reel

1. Original content

As the saying goes, "Content is king," and it will always be king; there's never going to be a substitute for original content. Is it hard coming up with new fresh content? Yes. But I assure you it is worth it. Creating your own trends and challenges is one of the ways you can catch Instagram's eye.

Another point to remember is that Instagram likes its own stuff, so it prioritizes content created on Instagram; this helps you increase visibility. Recycled content from other apps like TikTok does the opposite.

2. Closed captions

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Firstly, Instagram prides itself on being a very inclusive community. Closed captioning helps your content be more accessible to people with hearing difficulties. Another important factor to consider is that reels are often seen without the sounds actually on. So, it makes sense to add captions.

3. Hope on trends Fast!

Instagram has a First come, first serve policy; it notices who hopes on trends faster and features them in explore pages to make the Instagram experience more engaging and fun. Jumping on trends increases your chances getting more followers organically, you can also use an Instagram growth service for the same

So next time a trend pops up, hop on it asap! This helps you reach a broader market than just your followers

4. Big Fish in a Small pond

Instagram is huge, like 500 million daily users huge, so it's easy to get lost in a sea of content; this is why picking a niche is so important. Pick what you want to do and post consistently.

Okay, your first reel might not go viral, but that you learn trial and error is a way of life, baby so is the world of Instagram.

5. Hashtags and Audios are your closest friends.

Creating your own audios can help get discovered faster, especially when they are funny and relatable, and hashtags allow Instagram to understand your content and show it to people who are already looking for it.

Honorary mentions

• Post your new Instagram reel in your story, do a cover-up job with a sticker, so they have to click on it to view it

• This is a kinda obvious one but post your Instagram reels on your feed to gain better traction

• Apps like Reelit help download Instagram reels without the watermark, so it makes it easier to recycle content. You can also use Shortener Services you help you shorten those long urls oh your reels


From big-name brands to small businesses are all heading over to Instagram reels because it's proving to be one of the best ways to promote and increase consumer engagement. And if you want to download Instagram videos or reels for reference we can help. So do your research get those creative juices flowing, and start reel making!

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