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5 Instagram reel trends that were…..weird

Dec 7, 202216 min readParvathy Nair

After the TikTok ban in India, Tiktokers flocked over Instagram reels, and so the era of cringe shifted from TikTok to Instagram. That being said, Instagram also has a wide variety of actual great content be it Instagram videos, IGTV and so much more and just FYI we do an IGTV and Instagram video downloader just in case you were wondering, but the price you pay for the great content is sometimes you see weird as shit on the internet.

Weird Instagram reel trends

1. Shut up and bend over

Indians have to "desi"fy everything and anything, and most of the time, we tend to make stuff better, but this was not one of those times. We all know what the song is about by this time, and it is not about respecting your elders and touching their feet! Why can’t Indian reel creators get it by now….

2. Meow-meow challenge

This one is significantly beyond weird. Like, what was the point? Why are you dressed like a cat? Are you trying to be sexy or innocent? I have so many questions on this, but sometimes, things like these are beyond human understanding. So I am leaving it at that.

3. The Magic bomb ( questions I get asked )

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It started as Q&A where celebrities answered the questions they got asked a lot, then the influencers got hold of the trends and decided to run with it. No one actually has any idea about who the people actually asked them these questions this will remain as another mystery. Only time will solve

4. The simple dimple challenge

I will be honest I still don’t know what the song is actually about, but it sounds cute, and apparently, that’s precisely what all the creators thought too. What was the cute booty shakes for? Content! sirf viral hona hai bas!

5. The Blackface filter Challenge

Pardon my French, but this Black face filter challenge was racist af. The challenge starts with individuals sad over their dark skin, and then once the filter changes them into fair-skinned, they are shown as ecstatic. Instagrams ignorance and Indians obsession with fair skin are the 2 of the worst combos making it one of the weirdest challenges out there.


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