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TikTok Vs Instagram reels

Dec 6, 20227 min readParvathy Nair

The newest debate in town is Tiktok Vs. Instagram reels, so let's get things started; Tiktok was launched in 2016 as a short-form video sharing app with over 100 million users; it began as and then was taken over by a Chinese app called byte. The app has blown up; not only did its user base increase, but it became a household name, with creators gaining fame on television and online. Instagram reels is also a short-form video-sharing feature embedded on Instagram; the idea behind the feature's launch was to take back the audience into Instagram. Now that it has had time to test out the waters, Instagram has learned and solidified its position in the market, supported by its growing popularity. In this piece we are going to give you a quick comparison run through of both the app and its features and if you want to learn more about Instagram and Tiktok, sanepo has a lot of resources that can be very helpful


In this piece, we aim to find out whether Instagram reels is a copycat of Tiktok or does it hold out on its own with the services it provides. Is it a worthy opponent for Tiktok, or better is it the superior choice

Let's deep dive into technicalities, then

TikTok Vs Instagram reels

1. Video length

This is one of the most apparent differences between Tiktok and Instagram reels; Tiktok allows its users to record up to 60 seconds, whereas Instagram reels started with 15 sec short videos and then moved onto 30-sec videos,

Instagram is also experimenting with 60 sec in its various markets. The 60-sec time limit is an added advantage because it would act as a great engagement tactic for content creators to break long-piece content into a series. And it also gives space to be more creative and experimental.

2. Content Style

Tiktok is still a majority Gen Z app. It's spontaneous; it's raw and exciting. The users want authentic and original content that's fun and relatable. Instagram reels at the moment cater to the little older crowd and brands who are into the aesthetic and polished look of things.

Most of the trends start from TikTok and work their way onto Instagram reels, so understanding the nature of these trends could potentially play a huge role in promoting the content and generating ideas for the future.

3. Audios

Instagram has some severe copyright restrictions, mainly because it's not a music-centric platform. In contrast, TikTok from the beginning used copyrighted music, which is one reason why Instagram reels haven't had the chance to thrive in the market of short-form video sharing properly.

One additional merit of TikTok is that they don't restrict them simply using songs in their videos. The creators are constantly making new audios and soundtracks to engage the followers and create original funny content. This also means undiscovered talented musicians are also able to showcase their talents. If the trend becomes viral, they stand a chance to promote their music; there are various examples such as Conan grey, Marvin Rose.

This doesn't mean Instagram reels don't have a wide variety of curated music; it does; it has a wide range of audio options. But when in comparison, it comes short, this also acts as an advantage because as trends roll over from TikTok to Instagram, only the most happening or popular videos come over making helping Instagram with engagement.

4. Editing Features

TikTok has a wide

range of filters and effects that the users can use, and these help creators put creative original, and fun content. TikTok also gives the option to download their video, but a drawback of the download is the watermark which appears with the creator's username. TikTok also makes the editing of videos easier with features like stitch.

On the other hand, Instagram reels do have a range of filters and effects for its users. Still, reels only allow their users to select a particular for the entirety of video; this means that effects and filters are clubbed together, meaning you can only work with one at a time, making it a tight spot that corners creativity. There are many TikTok tools out there that improve your content and attract the visibility you deserve.

Tiktok has a caption limit for its post, making it a competitive place to ensure they get its point across using only** 100 **characters; Instagram reels have a character limit of 2200 characters. TikTok videos use a ton of voiceover videos as a way of storytelling to be more engaging, and Instagram reels are slowly working over to the feature. Another comparison between them both is that TikTok allows users to select their thumbnail from the video they have created, unlike Instagram, which gives their option to choose covers from either their camera gallery or the video itself; this is also a nod to Instagram's brand of putting out polished, sophisticated content.

5. Analytics side

TikTok's algorithm is specified to every user, and it depends on the accounts you interact with, the content you like, the user's geographical location. Instagram's algorithm has always been hard to understand, and Instagram reels are no different. Tiktok also has this attractive side, which shows you how easy it is to go viral and make money off it; Instagram reels fail to add a wow factor to the already existing Instagram brand.

6. Paid Ads

Both TikTok and Instagram do pay advertisements and sponsored ads .TikTok, primarily very high end only big brand names could take advantage of it, then the cost of advertising slowly dropped, and they promoted general ads in the app. This side of marketing is certainly not one of Tiktok's strong suits.

Instagram, powered by Facebook, has the higher ground; Facebook is one of the biggest ad platforms, knows what works and what doesn't.

Advertising in Reels is full-screen and vertical, similar to Instagram Stories ads. They appear in the intervals between separate Reels. Like the rest of the Reels material, the commercials loop and can last up to 30 seconds. Reels advertisements may be commented on, liked, seen, saved, and shared.


So which one is the perfect fit for you? Is it Tiktok or Instagram reels? If only it were that simple. Both Tiktok and Instagram reels, although very similar, have their unique features. When considering the best option for some characters, what does your target audience look like, what type of content you create, and what does your existing user base look like?

If you are looking to get with Gen Z'ers and be on top of exciting, spontaneous content, TikTok may be the way to go, or if you are looking for a much more polished, sophisticated brand look, Reels from Instagram might be the right fit. In the end, both Tiktok and Instagram come with various merits and demerits; by taking advantage of these features, creators can have the best of both worlds and achieve success.