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10 Songs that are making waves on Instagram this month

Feb 2, 202230 min readParvathy Nair

At some point, I will have to take responsibility for not being productive enough. Still, to my defense, Instagram reels distracted me, alrightโ€ฆโ€ฆWe have all been there, right? You work/study your ass off, so you decide to take a tiny little break, just a tiny one, then you go on Instagram, and half your day is almost done.

Say what you will, but some of these Instagram reel songs are very catchy, not going to lie. So we have rounded up a few of them, so you don't have to. This way, you finally find that song you have been singing wrong this entire time and update your playlist simultaneously. It is a win-win situation

1. Love nwantiti

The song was released in 2019; it picked up pace this year, making it a global hit. There have been multiple remixes and not to mention the different versions in different languages. Truth be told, I get it; the song's vibes are pretty immaculate, so I definitely recommend it.

2. In the ghetto

The fact that creators found so many different ways to make this song funny amazes me. The dances to the audio were nice, but the funny ones just seem to hit different.

3. Maine Royaan

This song gives me so much sad bitch vibes. It will have you feeling sorry about the ex you didn't even haveโ€ฆ you get it? Itne feelings Kahan se aathe hai bro, It's just one of those songs. That being said, 10/10 would recommend.

4. Might be (remix)

"girl, I love it when we high," if you know, you know. How do I describe the song to you, its basically the feeling of having a night out, coming back, and chilling? It has that fun flirty thing going on with it. So this is a hang session favorite.

5. Somebody's watching me.

It's a spooky season, and it's the perfect the song Halloween song. The creative side of Instagram reels is having a field day with the theme, and it's honestly so much fun to watch. The song is iconic, so enough said.

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6. The good part

This is such a wholesome and feel-good song, to begin with, and the Instagram reels absolute heart eyes. People show that they are in a much happier place than before what's not to love. Definitely playlist-worthy.

7. Diljit Dosanjh: LOVER

I was obsessed with this song for a while, like come on a desi Punjabi song with a retro vibe. Are you kidding me! I understand why it made waves on Instagram and why so many celebrities jumped on to the trend.

8. StayXRanjha

Indians sure do know how to mix music. This one is all about finding love and struggles but shows much it's worth, leaving you feeling wanting for a tad bit more.

9. Young Folks

Have you ever felt nostalgic for a song that you haven't heard before? This is one of those songs that make feeling longing for something in the past. So for the feels definitely recommend

10. Mama said

It is a personal favorite; it got me remembering the good old days. And Instagram reels of this audio are so pure and fun and make you feel less alone, and you can't go wrong with and even if you do "mama said it was okay."

Isn't it crazy how Instagram revives songs from the past simultaneously, making them relatable at the same time? and its not just Instagram reels ,its IGTV, Instagram video if you want to download your favorite Instagram videos we can help with that

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