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Download your favourite Instagram story to your device.

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Why just limit to instagram reels when you can download...


Instagram story downloader is a service developed to save Instagram stories to your device. savein Instagram story downloader is an excellent tool for those who wish to save and reuse stories. You can download Instagram stories with no time and no limits!

  1. No watermark for better quality visual experiences is a significant feature provided by savein IG story downloader.
  2. Insta stories can be downloaded at any time, which is free of cost.
  3. You can download your favourite Insta story in HD.
  4. You can download Instagram stories onto any device, such as a phone, tablet, PC, etc.
Step by step

It just takes 3 steps to download your favourite Instagram story to your phone now.

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Open Instagram and navigate to the Instagram story that you want to download.


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Copy the URL/link of the selected Instagram story by tapping on the options icon.


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Open the Instagram story downloader page on, paste the link/URL of the story and tap on download.


asked questions!
We will try to help you if you are confused.

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How to download Instagram stories using savein stories downloader?

Getting the Instagram story you want to download is as simple as possible; all you have to do is go to Instagram, discover the Instagram story you want, then find the username of the maker, go to savein, paste the username, then click on the download button. You can later view the Instagram story and share it according.

Can I Download Instagram stories from a private account?

No, you cannot download private profile stories, and you can only download stories from open, public accounts. If you wish to download a story from a public profile, copy the creator's username. In terms of public profiles, copy the creators Instagram username. In the case of public profiles, finding usernames for the story is easy, and the next step is to paste the username on the savein story downloader and tap on the download option.

Is downloading Instagram stories legal?

Downloading Instagram stories can be legal when used for personal purposes. If you would like to repost or regram something, don't hesitate to get in touch with the owner of the post. savein does not own any content that is downloaded.

How many Instagram storiess can I download?

There is no limit to how many savein stories can be downloaded with the savein stories downloader. Copy the username of the creator who's, and paste it into savein stories. Downloader; if you need more assistance, we have a blog post that may help you. You can download as many stories as you like since there is no limit to how many can be downloaded.

Do I have to register to use it?

Using savein is as straightforward as it gets. To download an Instagram story, you copy the Instagram creator's username who's story you want to download, visit savein, paste the username, and download. You do not have to join, and you do not have to register or log in to use the service.

Will the story creator be notified of the download story?

The Instagram app does not work with savein's story downloader. When a user pastes the username of a story they want to download onto savein's Instagram story downloader page, savein downloads the story but does not notify its creator.

Does the downloaded Instagram stories have any watermarks?

The savein story downloader essentially downloads the Instagram story because it is and does not include any advance layering of watermarks onto it. In this way, it is the perfect story downloader instrument for creators.