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How to become an Instagram influencer 101?

Jun 2, 202315 min readParvathy Nair

Who hasn't dreamt of quitting their day job and becoming an Instagram influencer? I'm not even embarrassed to admit, I have on multiple occasions thought about especially on those dreadful mornings where you simply don't want to go to work. The Instagram influencer lifestyle looks glamorous with their constant travels, fashionable clothes, and never-ending parties. Who wouldn't like it, right?

With social media getting big and influencer marketing gaining strength as a potential marketing tool, wanting to start a career as an Instagram influencer might not be such a bad idea.

Today we are going to walk through the steps of how to become an Instagram influencer from scratch. And don't worry; we will add examples of people who did it, so you get to know what you exactly have to do( we got your back, boo). And we also have something if you want to know how to make money off Instagram .So here we go.

How to become an Instagram influencer

Step 1. Set up your Business Instagram Account

So you have decided to take Instagram seriously, which means you need to set up your Instagram account. It's simple:

• Create a normal account.

• Go to setting.

• Select account.

• Change the setting to professional.

• Select the business category that is closer to the idea you have inside your head.

Having a business account makes it easier to understand your engagement rate between your followers and your content's reach. With time, it makes it easier to grow and reach a wider audience.

Step 2. Pick Your niche!

This is the most important step, pick the niche which is what type of content you want to make. Believe me, this will make all the difference when making your content stand out from the crowd and help you get Instagram followers.

Instagram is a vast market, and picking a niche in which you are an expert or interested makes it easier to pump out content and stay relevant.

Step 3. What's your aesthetic?

Pick an Instagram aesthetic and stick to it. This is the first thing your potential followers will notice about your profile, which helps them figure out what type of content you put out. Make sure that your Instagram aesthetic matches your personality.

This might be as simple as using a specific filter on all your post or making your profile monochromatic etc.

Step 4 Quality and Consistency

Quality over quantity always, Instagram is huge. There are millions of content coming in every day. To stand out, you have to create original quality content no matter what your niche is.

The 2nd crucial aspect is consistently posting; you can't simply post 3 times a week and vanish for a month; it doesn't work like that. To see actual results takes time and effort. Suppose you take a look at famous influencers. In that case, all of them have one thing in common they are consistently putting out quality content.

Step 5 Curate your Content

The Instagram algorithm takes notes of creators who jump on trends, which helps them get featured. Curating your content with trending hashtags can help get your content on explore pages to widen its reach. A mistake most newbies make is targeting the wrong people; not everyone will like your content, so making sure your content reaches your target customer is important that where the hashtags come into play.If you want to see what type of hashtags perform better or wanna see the analytics of your profile tools like analisa can be very helpful

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Step 6 Network

Networking is important in every industry, especially influencer marketing; make sure to do your research and reach out to influencer who has been in the game, ask them for advice, ask them for collabs, try getting into socializing events and make connections learn as you go and remember you miss all the shot you don't take.

Another step is to work with brand small businesses that are always on the lookout for new talent and track them down to find a deal that works for both parties to increase visibility, this could mean working with influencers or brands which create Instagram tools such as thunderclap

Step 7 Maintaining reputation.

Provided you have picked your perfect niche, you have been consistently posting quality content and working with brands and fellow influencers, which resulted in you getting a large following. This does not mean that you can sit back and relax.

You need to keep experimenting with new things and run with the times. Many influencers lost their influence because of not changing into what their audience demanded.

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